Sticking of the Week...

#1: Paradiddle-diddle | 'R L R R L L'

A sticking that doesn't alternate between the right and left, the paradiddle-diddle has a sequence of 'R L R R L L', with an accented first right. This is great for speed and drum fills especially.

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#2: Inverted Five-Stroke Roll | 'R L L R R L R R L L '

An alternating sticking between the right and left, the inverted five-stroke roll has a sequence of 'R L L R R L R R L L', with an accent on the first right and third left. Good for quick fills, this sticking generally fits nicely in a triplet feel following a 4/4 groove.

#3: Flam Accentap 5 | Click here for transcription

This is the first 'odd-time' sticking of the series. An alternating sticking in the timing of 5 combines single flam accent and flam tap sequences. This is a great brain twister and warm-up for both the wrists and fingers alike!

#4: Singles Countdown | Click Here For Transcription

This follows a countdown sequence and is not necessarily a rudiment, however it is a great test of control and a sticking used as a quickfire warm-up. It starts as 4 rights and 4 lefts, then 3 rights and 3 lefts and lastly, 2 rights and 2 lefts.

#5: Single Stroke Control | Click Here For Transcription

This week's exercise involves a rapid switch between 8th notes and 16th notes over the course of 2 bars, played in single stokes. This is one of those stickings that involves great difficulty in developing muscle memory, making you think about every bar played!