Finding drum teachers in Perth...

Finding drum teachers in Perth that suit your style of playing is more difficult than you think. A balance is required between drum theory and natural playing ability, with weighted percentages varying from person to person. 

There are so many fantastic drum teachers in Perth, but it's important you find one that teaches what you want to learn, or the material necessary to reach your goals. For example, you may just want to jam with friends at home, or throw headphones on and bash away at your heart's content. However, you could also be crafting a musical journey toward professional musicianship by gaining the knowledge necessary for entry to the Conservatorium of Music or the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

Either way, there should be no 'set-piece' of material or singular book for every single student. Drum teachers in Perth are finally figuring this out and implementing said method into their teaching style. Luckily, Perth Drum Lessons have had this figured out from the very beginning with a solid focus on student preference.

Like other drum teachers in Perth, we also understand it can take time to work out the direction you wish to take. Perth Drum Lessons subsequently teaches a strong balance of material that poses both a theoretical and improvisational approach to the drums. Our shining light through other drum teachers in Perth is our focus on long-term growth instead of week-to-week guidance, though the latter may be necessary sometimes.

Resident drum teacher Marcus Davidson has gained years of experience with many drum teachers in Perth, including Daniel Barwick and Frank Licastro and knows from first-hand experience what knowledge is required when you're unsure of which direction to take or have a long-term goal in mind. 

In turn, think hard about which teacher you pick. There are so many talented and experienced drum teachers in Perth, however Perth Drum Lessons understands the focus is, in fact, your talent.

If you'd like to know more about this topic, or are interested in signing up for our unique lessons, feel free to call Marcus on 0424 681 483, or email You can also click HERE to contact us right now.