Drum Lessons for Adults

Unfortunately there’s a common misconception about drum lessons for adults. I hear people saying all the time that the information learned may stick, but will never become ‘second nature’, like riding a bike. Have you ever considered, however, the nature of driving a car? Even people who obtain their driving license later than others (such as people in their mid-20s) can drive a car as naturally as someone who picked up their license as soon as they legally could. This boils down to the same success factor as drum lessons for adults: Practice.

A majority of the people who own cars tend to drive them everyday, whether it be for running errands or doing the daily grind to and from work. These people are driving at least an hour a day, so of course it will almost be like ‘second nature’. The combination of gears, pedals, steering and vigilance fuel an almost instinctual mode in the brain, even if the driver has gone into autopilot. So if you practice the drums for over an hour a day, will you get better? Of course.

It’s all about commitment when it comes to drum lessons for adults. Drum lessons for kids will definitely yield literal instinctual results, but when it comes to progress - practice and dedication definitely take the cake. Adults tend to have less time on their hands too, so getting over one hour of practice in a day will be understandably difficult. In the end however, it is all about time management. This includes working drum lessons and practice into YOUR schedule, instead of trying to create more time. An example of this could be cutting TV time in half to fill the other half with drum practice. Another possible solution (for stickings/rudiments in particular) could be playing whilst the ads are showing. In turn, drum lessons for adults can be quite a burnout when there is no practice plan.

These reasons are why Perth Drum Lessons teaches drum lessons for adults as well as children. Everyone has it in them to learn, but not everyone has it in them to improve through self motivation. It’s all about finding a balance in your practice routine, setting goals and most importantly, learning what you want. These three things are what will determine your drumming success. It doesn’t have to be hard, as long as you have a plan.

If you’d like to know more about drum lessons for adults, simply call Marcus at 0424 681 483 or email info@perthdrumlessons.com. Perth Drum Lessons will get the most out of you, whilst only you can get the most out of your practice. So remember, drum lessons for adults is no different to that of kids - it’s all about how you adapt and challenge yourself.

Happy Drumming!