Hiring V Buying a drum kit for Drum Lessons

Perth Drum Lessons often comes across first time students who are confused to whether they should rent or buy their first drum kit. Simply put, it’s a matter of your personal preference, budget, and confidence in learning longevity.

When it comes to preference, you can either spend a fortune or a ‘dime-a-day’. An electric drum kit can cost upwards of $7000AUD outright on the professional side of the market, however when renting you can have this for as low as $18/month from Musicorp or any other Australian rental site. An acoustic drum kit varies, but follows the same buy and rent format as an electric drum kit. Therefore, if you’re scarce in savings or a responsibly frugal person, you may want to go the rent option. It’s always great to have savings though, and if you’ve dreamed of owning a particular drum kit on which to practice between drum lessons, you have the benefits of owning the drum kit for life and not having to worry about damaging it and losing your deposit. You will also likely gather a great warranty if you buy outright and even if drums isn’t for you and you decide to sell the drum kit (assuming it’s well taken care of!), expect a very minor depreciation from the purchase price when you flip it.

This brings up the other point in learning longevity. Drums, like any other hobby, is a long-term commitment and appreciation for the instrument. It’s important to know what you’re getting into, as frustration is definitely in the top 5 emotions experienced when learning the drums. You have to understand there will be off-days, drum lessons may seem less productive, and sometimes you’ll feel the rhythm isn’t right or bringing you joy. Don’t jump the gun here - just remember that everyone (including myself) goes through creative lulls that can last up to 2 to 3 months, which may require a temporary seizure in playing. On a side note, if you’ve ever experienced this, try listening to new drummers, new music genres, or learn an unorthodox book. Even a different learning environment (such as a separate room) can help kick start a ‘honeymoon’ in your playing. All of this said, if you’re someone who just likes to try things out and have a bit of fun, not sure if you want to make this commitment, then definitely go for the rent option.

In my personal experience of teaching and learning drums, I find there are two sides of the coin. If I know the sound I’m looking for, or there’s a ‘gem’ released (either second-hand on Gumtree or from a retailer) at a price I’m happy to pay, of course I will buy it. In fact, I have never hired any of my drum equipment, yet I’ve sold and flipped A LOT of it! This is because I’m comfortable and have experience doing this, yet I’ve only heard positive things from students who rent. For me, it’s all about having a good balance of equipment I will use and love, instead of accumulating. This is the problem that renting solves, where if you fall out of love with drumming, you can simply send the drum kit back and only pay for the time used. It essentially eliminates the hassle of finding a platform suitable to sell a purchased drum kit, making your life easier.

If you have the motivation, goals and money to buy a drum kit (which doesn’t have to be expensive, by the way!), then consider going down the purchase path. If you’re trying out drums as a hobby, or you’re someone living paycheck to paycheck, then renting may be right for you.

You can always consult Perth Drum Lessons, or any drum teacher in Perth for that matter to gather a second opinion on this topic, or even with help on what platforms to start looking to buy and rent. Perth Drum Lessons is always available to take your questions, so call 0424 681 483 or email info@perthdrumlessons.com.au and have them answered today.

Thanks for reading :-)

Marcus Davidson