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Marcus Davidson

Marcus Davidson is a live and studio session musician with six years of teaching experience, along with 14 years of overall learning under his belt.

Marcus has professional training in written music from some of the best teachers in Western Australia, including Frank Licastro and Gilberto Moreaux. He has also taught at Rock Scholars, an institution known for its excellent teaching facilities and band program.

In his spare time, Marcus likes to write and record his own music and run for leisure.

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Marcus has played with many WAMi nominated acts, some of which with airplay on Triple J and commercial radio. Some of these artists include Em Burrows, Georgia Reed, The Lammas Tide, Desert Sonnes, and The Community Chest. Below is a handful of records on which Marcus has performed:

Perth Drum Lessons Albums

How To Play The Drums

A simple understanding...


The foundations of drumming lie on rudiments. These are sticking patterns that improve both speed and accuracy, all whilst being applicable to the drum set. These include single stroke rolls, double stroke rolls and paradiddles. 

Most drum scholars agree there are 40 essential rudiments, all of which useful on the drums. Rudiments are so important due to the ideas they generate and the innovation that they stem. Some famous drummers that love their rudiments include Steve Gadd, Gavin Harrison, and Buddy Rich.

Book Material

Although learning by ear can 'break the rules' and allow you to focus on groove and improvisation, book material provides another side of the coin. Transcribing and writing provides an avenue for innovation and allows you to note down ideas quickly and effectively.

Although in the 21st century we have professional recording devices that allow us to hear what we played, they do not indicate how we played them. Apart from this, book material allows for a greater chance of future session work, as well as entry into music schools


Often referred to as the fun side of drumming, improvisation beckons your creative spark to output your unique flavour or groove. Some of the greatest musicians on the planet were self taught and did not partake in any music courses! 

Perth Drum Lessons aims to unleash this creativity within you by getting into a band context and using real songs for reference. Learning these skills by ear can often lead to 'positive mistakes' that help you improve and innovate your drumming.

Our Material

THe Following list is just some of our learning material:

  • Drums For Dummies

  • Basic Drumming

  • Accents and Rebounds for the Snare Drummer

  • Contemporary Drumset Techniques

  • Future Sounds

  • Rhythm Section Drumming

  • Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer

  • The New Method for Afro-Cuban Drumming

  • Syncopation for the Modern Drummer

  • The Funky Beat

...and many more

Other Information...

  • Marcus holds a valid Working With Children Permit and has a Police Clearance as of March 2018