Perth Drum Lessons

Whether you're a beginner or have some experience under your belt, Perth Drum Lessons can help you out!

Drum Teaching Room

Spacious studio room

We operate our lessons in an air-conditioned, sound-proofed room with volume reducing pads on each cymbal and drum for maximum ear protection. The teaching room is also a recording studio, featuring the big Beatles wall!

Drum Books

Equipped with material

Our lessons are packed with useful material, with dozens of beginner to advanced books from which to learn. We also have all the required equipment, including two drum sets, metronomes, practice pads and everything else.

Drum Teacher Marcus Davidson

Experienced teacher

 Marcus Davidson has over 10 years of live and recorded playing experience, having played and toured with numerous local and national acts, including Georgia Reed, Desert Sonnes and The Lammas Tide.

Drum Lessons for All Ages

We believe you're never too old to start playing an instrument. 

There are many examples of famous musicians who began playing drums after the age of 25, namely:

  1. Tiny Tim

  2. Howlin' Wolf

  3. Sister Rosetta Thorpe

  4. Blind Lemon Jefferson

  5. Mama Cass Elliott

  6. Ike Turner

  7. Mahalia Jackson

The historic attitude of having to learn an instrument early in life in order to succeed has long been quashed. Any beginning age shows health benefits backed by science, including improved numeracy skills and a greater capacity for knowledge.

Drum Lessons Kit
Percussion Lessons

What Do We Offer?

Perth Drum Lessons Offers:

  • One-on-one lessons ranging from half an hour to one hour

  • Reading and writing of charts and transcriptions

  • Rudimentary sticking techniques and full drum set work

  • Theoretical approaches to the drums, as well as improvisation (and ear-learning)

  • Studio recordings for playback and critique, as well as performance improvement

  • Percussion and band empathy (knowing what you want from band mates and what they want from you).




Queen | Bohemian Rhapsody (Perth Drum Lessons cover)…

The White Stripes | Seven Nation Army (Perth Drum Lessons cover)…

Bruno Mars | Uptown Funk (Perth Drum Lessons cover)…